Dedicated technical support from Syrenis maximises your productivity

Our dedicated support staff work alongside the development team, delivering the exceptional service we are known for. The support you receive is an embedded element of our customer experience, accessible five days a week.

Our onsite support team work directly with our customers, improving user acceptance and increasing productivity for your organisation.

Syrenis applications have a proven track record of reliability, with a better than 99% uptime. However, should you have any queries, our support team are available to provide a same-day tiered response to your request.

We provide support to users beyond the initial purchase, helping you to get more from your Syrenis applications every step of the way:

  • Helping you to explore and navigate new interfaces and systems
  • Loading data into your Syrenis applications
  • Reviewing and checking communications to make sure they work
  • Responding to your ‘how to’ enquiries
  • Providing training to new members of staff

 Not all heroes wear capes...

Our team of dedicated ‘support heroes’ are on hand during business hours to save the day should you need them.

Thriving on a challenge, our support team focus on the solution until you get the results you need.

The average response time to queries is under five minutes. A speedy service is just part of the service. Clients can expect an unscripted, real conversation to fully understand the problem in hand.


In 2016 our support specialists resolved over seven hundred customer queries. They are dedicated to getting things right for all Syrenis clients.

Building effective working relationships with clients is essential. The support team dealt with fifty enquiries from the Home Office alone in November 2016.