SMART is the only stakeholder engagement platform that allows you to operate, view and track engagement at the organisation and individual level.

SMART has evolved over ten years into a complete stakeholder management and engagement platform. SMART is secure and scalable from a single user to thousands of users. Stakeholder mapping, multi-channel communications, CRM, event management and stakeholder classification, are a few of the core components of SMART. Your stakeholders talk to each other, so you can use SMART to link different groups, organisations and individuals.

SMART hosts a powerful management dashboard designed to track stakeholder engagement across multiple policy areas and communications. KPIs can be set to benchmark the stakeholder communication process, the report will also highlight any isolated stakeholders.

  • Secure - SMART upholds the highest standards of cyber-security, ensuring your data and documents are protected and safe.
  • Compliance – Automatic stakeholder update process, allowing stakeholders to manage their relationship with you.
  • Multi-channel – Combine social media, email, SMS and CRM to build a comprehensive picture of your stakeholders
  • Web engagement – Build forms to identify and research new stakeholders…no HTML knowledge required
  • Cloud service – In partnership with AWS, SMART operates on the cloud providing a scalable, resilient and reliable service

Visit the SMART website for more information