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Our history Cassie personal information & consent management
Our history Cassie personal information & consent management

Data centric Consent & Preference management platform that has no equal. Tracked by privacy analysts and used by some of the largest and most reputable organisations in the world. If you are serious about data privacy, click below to find out more.

Consolidate and centralise all your consent and preferences.

Deliver a compliant and engaging user experience for your visitors.

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Build trust and empower your data subjects to manage their own data and preferences.

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Real-time information and preferences for internal teams.

Efficiently and effectively manage Data Subject Access Requests.

Remove data restrictions – collect, centralise, segment and augment data.

Cassie has an API first design with over 350 available endpoints.

Cassie consolidates your data into a singular virtual record of the truth.

Cassie creates an auditable link back to your Record of Processing activity.

Our history Cassie personal information & consent management

Trusted by small and large organisations from Governments to one time projects, SMART is the stakeholder tool of choice for many. Ensure your message is received by the right people at the right time with the right information. Guaranteed.

SMART will help you to identify stakeholders with: stakeholder mapping, tagging, web forms and list consolidation. 

Understanding the type of engagement required is key to creating an effective strategy. SMART will help you to plan your stakeholder engagement with: event planning, tag data, web forms and updating information. 

SMART will help you to engage stakeholders through our: communication centre, web forms and email reports.

Regular review points are helpful throughout the campaign to asses individual engagements. Review your campaigns regulaury with SMART using our: management dashboard, media evaluation and email reports. 

SMART has a number of powerful core features that help you to more effectively and efficiently engage and manage your stakeholder relationships. Our continual improvement and development programme means that existing features are improved and new features are released regularly.

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Our history Cassie personal information & consent management