The Preference Centre

Single point permission and preference hub ensures GDPR compliance

Preference Centre is a secure, cloud-based application that allows for enterprise-wide collation and management of consumer preferences across multiple channels and brands.

GDPR & fundraising regulatory compliance

Any commercial or non-profit enterprise that deploys Preference Centre to manage consumer data permissions, will be 100% compliant with the general data protection regulation (GDPR) and the new fundraising regulatory framework. Preference Centre has been designed from the ground up to allow consumers direct access to their preferences, giving them control over communications channels and specific communications subjects.

Low-cost integration of preference data into host transaction and CRM systems

The Preference Centre has a powerful application platform interface (API). The capability to push and pull preference data into other application platforms makes the Preference Centre the lowest cost method of allowing for enterprise preference management, with direct consumer access to the data.

In addition, Preference Centre can generate stand-alone forms for permission gathering and handle email opt-out links from any system. Plus current permissions can be uploaded easily by administrators.

Permission statements can be tested in groups with live reporting, enabling poor performing statements to be removed with a single click.

The administration area gives you full reporting on your permission channels, areas and statements, allowing you to see at a glance the health of your supporters/customers.

Connect to the web-service with any email or customer relationship management (CRM) system, and query for single records or whole permission groups, allowing both individual and multiple updates.

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