Case Studies

We offer a personalised approach to customers, forming true collaborative partnerships. Syrenis are solution-focused and committed to getting things right for our clients with our ‘can-do’ attitude. Explore our case studies to see how we have removed obstacles and replaced them with cost-saving, time efficient and effective solutions for our clients:

Data Interlace extends functionality beyond abandoned emails

The challenge

Damart want to build an electronic marketing relationship with their younger customers, but didn’t have the infrastructure to do this. They needed an easy to use platform for 1:1 rules-based emails, and also to have direct access to their web visitor browser data, to include this in their insight platform and communications planning.

The solution

Damart now use Data Interlace to gather data from their websites, providing information on customer browsing activity, that is aggregated and fed directly into their single customer view (SCV). The same platform also provides automated abandoned browser and basket emails, to ensure that Damart maximise the value of each website visit. Additionally, Syrenis provide Damart with an easy to use application for marketing automation emails, allowing them to send 1:1 emails to their customers.

The result

Damart now have a platform from which to build a complete range of 1:1 customer communications, which in time, will reduce the dependency on direct mail, thereby improving the marketing ROI. Starting with the customer welcome programme, additional campaigns will be added, ensuring that Damart provide relevant & timely messaging based on what an individual customer does. The accuracy of these communications is enhanced by the addition of the browser data (via Data Interlace), into the SCV, allowing them to develop new insight variables on digital recency, digital frequency and digital consumption.